SA7H codebook

SA7H Wages and Salaries by Industry (Historical) 1/
LineCode Description BEA Construction Stata variable name
50 Wages and salaries (thousands of dollars) =SA5H Line 50 tot_Ws
81   Farm wages and salaries   farm_ws
82   Nonfarm wages and salaries   nonfarm_ws
90     Private nonfarm wages and salaries   priv_ws
100       Agricultural services, forestry, and fishing   aff_ws
200       Mining   mine_ws
300       Construction   cons_ws
400       Manufacturing   man_ws
500       Transportation and public utilities   tu_ws
600       Wholesale and retail trade   trade_Ws
700       Finance, insurance, and real estate   fire_Ws
800       Services   services_ws
900     Government and government enterprises   gov_ws
910       Federal, civilian   fedcivil_ws
920       Military   mil_ws
930       State and local   snl_ws
Constructed Varibales  
Total Federal Government Wages and Salaries totfed_ws =fedcivil_ws+mil_ws
Legend / Footnotes:
1/ The estimates of wages and salaries for 1929-57 are based on the 1967 Standard Industrial Classification. For 1929-47, the wages and salaries estimates are assumed to be on a place-of-residence basis; explicit adjustments were made for the principal interstate commuting flows. For 1948-57 the estimates are on a place-of-work basis.
* Estimates prior to 1950 are not available for Alaska and Hawaii.
Note-- All dollar estimates are in current dollars (not adjusted for inflation).
(NA) Data not available for this year.
  Last updated: May 30, 2014-- revised estimates for 1929-1957.