SA5H Codebook

SA5H Personal Income by Major Component and Earnings by Industry (Historical) 1/
LineCode Description BEA Construction Stata variable name
Income by place of residence
10 Personal income (thousands of dollars) 35-36+46+47 income
20 Population (persons) 2/ pop
30 Per capita personal income (dollars) 3/ NA
Derivation of personal income
35   Total earnings =81+82 tot_earn
36   Less: Contributions for government social insurance 4/ ssi
37     Employee and self-employed contributions for government social insurance worker_ssi
38     Employer contributions for government social insurance boss_ssi
42   Plus: Adjustment for residence 5/ red_adj
45   Equals: Net earnings by place of residence earn_res
46   Plus: Dividends, interest, and rent 6/ capital
47   Plus: Personal current transfer receipts transfers
Earnings by place of work (thousands of dollars) NA
Components of earnings
50   Wages and salaries =(81+82)-60-70 ws
60   Supplements to wages and salaries sup
61     Employer contributions for employee pension and insurance funds 7/ penins
62     Employer contributions for government social insurance NA
70   Proprietors' income 8/ =(81+82)-(50+60) prop
71     Farm proprietors' income farmprop
72     Nonfarm proprietors' income nonfarmprop
Earnings by industry
81   Farm earnings farmearn
82   Nonfarm earnings nonfarmearn
90     Private nonfarm earnings priv
100       Agricultural services, forestry, and fishing aff
200       Mining mine
300       Construction cons
400       Manufacturing manu
500       Transportation and public utilities trutil
600       Wholesale and retail trade trade
700       Finance, insurance, and real estate fire
800       Services serv
900     Government and government enterprises gov
910       Federal, civilian fedcivil
920       Military mil
930       State and local snl
Constructed Variables
Total Compensation comp =ws+penins
Total Employer Labor Cost laborcost =ws+sup
Total Federal Government Income totfed =fedcivil+mil
Legend / Footnotes:
1/ The estimates of earnings for 1929-57 are based on the 1967 Standard Industrial Classification. Earnings are estimated by place of residence for 1929-47 and by place of work for 1948-57.
2/ Census Bureau midyear population estimate.
3/ Per capita personal income is total personal income divided by total midyear population.
4/ Employer contributions for government social insurance are included in earnings by industry and earnings by place of work, but they are excluded from net earnings by place of residence and personal income. Employee and self-employed contributions are subtractions in the calculation of net earnings by place of residence and all of the income measures.
5/ The adjustment for residence is the net inflow of the earnings of interarea commuters. For the United States, it consists of adjustments for border workers and US residents employed by international organizations and foreign embassies.
6/ Rental income of persons includes the capital consumption adjustment.
7/ Includes actual employer contributions and actuarially imputed employer contributions to reflect benefits accrued by defined benefit pension plan participants through service to employers in the current period.
8/ Proprietors' income includes the inventory valuation adjustment and the capital consumption adjustment.
Note-- All dollar estimates are in current dollars (not adjusted for inflation).
  Last updated: May 30, 2014-- revised estimates for 1929-1957.